Equipment and Gadgets for the RVer


Air drier to keep moisture and mildew out of your RV:

As we button down our new RV for the winter we’ve heard a lot of talk about moisture build up that results in mildew growth. We definitely do not want the smell of mildew to permeate our trailer. After reading several blogs and even talking with boat owners they recommend this small, economical heating device. This air dryer warms the air just enough to take the moisture out. We have also backed it up with a box of DampRid. The two together should take care of any moisture issues.


Towing chain organizer

I found this to be extremely helpful in helping me to ensure everything was hooked up when I get ready to tow. It also keeps everything organized, up and off the ground. This is one of those inexpensive gadgets that makes life easier and a bit more organized.